Romagnola Characteristics:

- Higher weaning weights
- Higher daily weight gain
- Greater feed efficiency
- Less external fat

- Larger ribeye area
- Greater adaptability to all climates
- Solid profits for your commercial cattle

Founded by Barry Tucker and Brandon Kolle in 2010, Mighty Fine Romagnolas is a purebred seed-stock cattle operation that targets high-end niche markets by producing a superior efficiency, high quality, and yield grade heritage breed of cattle. As the two men combined their family operations and over 150 years of family dedication, hard work, and cattle experience, they strongly believe in the Romagnola breed and what it can offer to any herd.

Mighty Fine Romagnolas primary purebred breeding facilities as well as our Romagnola-cross operations are located in Taft, Tennessee. With three facilities located within a 3 mile radius we are able to rotate the cattle in order to maximize the overall potential of our entire herd.

Our herd is made of more than 50 purebred Romagnola Cattle with a large commercial herd crossed with top quality Romagnola bulls. Through dedication, hard work, knowledge, and support from industry leaders, Mighty Fine Romagnolas is already known as one of the premier breeders of superior Romagnola and Romagnola-cross cattle.